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Pearl and Shell

An authentic atoll known for its pearls, but also for its turquoise blue lagoon ...

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Anaa is the closest Tahitian atoll offering a quiet and unique tranquility ...

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Bora Bora

The "Pearl of the Pacific" has undoubtedly the most beautiful lagoon in the world...

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Fakarava is renowned for its diving, pearl and its biosphere reserve protected ...

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Fatu Hiva

Remote island in the Marquesas Islands, famous for its volcanoes and wild horses ...

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Hao is known for its marine life, corals, sharks, colorful fish and its islands ...

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Hiva Oa

At Hiva Oa, you will go in the footsteps of famous painter Paul Gauguin and singer Jacques Brel.

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Wilderness Huahine plunges us into a genuine world ...

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An atoll famous for its diving, meals on white sand ...

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Get off the beaten track to discover the sublime Gambier trails. Small islands ...

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The atoll of Manihi is known for its sea, its pearl farms, wild motus and pearls ...

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Maupiti, called "Little Bora" reserve an intimate and stunning landscapes.

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Famous for its lagoons, majestic bays and lush vegetation, Moorea seduced by ...

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Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva is known for its towering cliffs, caves, waterfalls and elaborate craftsmanship ...

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Raiatea is the cradle of Polynesian culture. It includes the "marae Taputapuatea".

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With 28 islands cut or a multitude of nesting seabirds, Raivavae seems to float ...

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Rangiroa is one of the largest atolls of French Polynesia, but also one of the most beautiful spots ...

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At Reao, you can discover the culture and production of copra, ancient ruins ...

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Each year at Rurutu, from July to October, you can see humpback whales.

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Tahaa, the Vanilla Island, like a giant colorful and fragrant garden ...

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Beating heart of Polynesia, Tahiti is renowned for its terrestrial activities and sites ...

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Tahuata is renowned for its planting and culture of Monoi.

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Takapoto is known for its pearl farms that give rise to rare gems ...

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Takaroa cache pearl farms whose jewels have colors and chandeliers ...

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From Tahiti, Tetiaroa is the only atoll you can visit for the day. Its bird sanctuary ...

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Absolute gem, this small atoll will amaze you with its lagoon, its pink sand beaches and island birds.

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Tubuai is famous for its abundant agriculture (coffee, taro and orange) ...

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Ua Huka

A captivating island culture, wild landscapes, mountains and vast expanses ...

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Ua Pou

An island with impressive landscapes with people, steeped in tradition, perpetuated ...

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French Polynesia


With so many options, you can do as much or as little as you like.

Tahiti and Her Islands possess one of the most spectacularly beautiful and diverse environments on earth. A mixture of high volcanic islands and low-lying atolls, these specks of land – 118 islands in all – are strewn across four million square km of the South Pacific. Clustered into five archipelagos, the Austral Islands, the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas and the Gambier groups, the islands of Tahiti have in common a delightful blend of Polynesian and French cultures, and a constantly tropical climate.

French Polynesia’s world of oceanic islands offers holiday – makers an almost limitless range of vacation activities, both passive and active.  The sea, naturally, is omnipresent, and many visitors are content to simply lie on the beach and be lulled by the silky lagoon, breaking reef waves and the susurration of the sea. Whether on the high islands such as Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora or Huahine, where the beaches’ backdrop is soaring green mountains, or atolls like Tetiaroa, Rangiroa or Manihi, where the beaches lie on palm-studded coral islets surrounding lagoons of blinding blue, there are few more tranquil landscapes on earth for oceanic contemplation. And the beach-lounger is also refreshed by steady trade winds that blow across all the islands from the south-east, tempering the sun and making average temperatures a comfortable 24C to 26C. For many, the chance to lie on a tropical beach beside a palm-fringed shore, with the delights of French cuisine only a croissant’s toss away, is sufficient.

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